Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors like their residential counterpart come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes depending upon the nature of its use. They are mainly of 4 types:

  • Roll up Doors – As the name suggests, it is rolled up into a single coil when it is lifted up. They are much thinner and lighter for the purpose of flexibility.
  • Fire Rated Doors – They are similar to roll up doors. They provide greater protection level than other door types.
  • Overhead Doors – They are the most popular and flexible to use. They are lifted until horizontal with the ceiling.
  • Scissor Gate Doors – They are unique in design. They move more like a sliding door and close like a normal door.

Commercial garage doors are generally used for handling bigger workload like for loading equipment in and out of the building or for storing vehicles.

Commercial Rolling Doors

Commercial Sectional Doors

High Speed Doors