Golden Locks offers high security locks and keys services to residential and commercial clients in NYC. With high security locks, your home or business can benefit from extra security and reduced risks of break-ins.

High security door locks utilize solid materials, cylinders, and complex keyways for extra strength and design features that prevent unauthorized entry. They are, generally, more expensive than traditional locks, but are well worth the cost for the extra protection they offer.

We work with the leading manufacturers in the security market, including: Medeco, Schlage, Mul T Lock, Kaba, Assa Abloy and more. With the quality locks from these industry leading brands and our professional installation and services, you can be sure that your property will be safe and secure after working with us.

  • More difficult to force entry. High security locks utilize cylinders and keyways that are nearly impossible to pick. The complexity of the pins means it is hard to embed and use a foreign instrument to pick the lock. Keys have pins on both the inside and outside to accomplish this.
  • Solid materials. The materials used ensure lasting durability of your high security lock, and make it difficult to jam open the lock with force or using a drill.
  • Patented keys cannot be duplicated. One of the most profound features of high security locks, is that the keys cannot be duplicated. This is useful because it allows you complete control and peace of mind. It is illegal for any unauthorized person to have the key copied, preventing theft and copy, and stopping employees from making duplicates. Only the original locksmith or lock factory can create the duplicate, and identification is needed to do so.

The extra protection negates the disadvantages and weaknesses of traditional locks – you can be sure that locks can’t be picked, and keys can’t be copied!

Golden Locks specializes in the installation of high security locks in New York, for both residential and commercial clients who prefer to know their home or business is the safest it can be. We also offer repair service, and can replace your old door locks with new high security locks (grade 1,2) from the finest brands on the market. We offer high security door locks from Mul T Lock, Medeco, Assa Abloy, Schlage and more.

High security locks have a built in safety feature: the keys cannot be easily duplicated, and can only be cut and replaced by qualified locksmiths.

If you already have high security bottom and deadbolt locks on your doors and you are looking for a high security key cutting service in New York, Golden Locks can help you. We are an authorized key makers of Medeco, Mul T Lock, ASSA, Schlage and more. We duplicate Mul T Lock keys (MT5, Interactive, and Integrator), Medeco Keys, Assa Abloy Keys, Schlage Keys and more. So, If you need a high security key duplication in New York, contact us.

Please contact us if you have questions about high security locks, or want to arrange a consultation for an installation in New York.

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