Mr. Locks is an expert master key locksmith company operating in New York City. We provide full services for master key lock systems, including design, installation, replacement, duplication, and repair. We can also rekey your existing locks to create a master key system, without replacing hardware.

Benefits of Master Key System

  • Maximize security and ease of use
  • Fewer keys with flexibility in design
  • Control who has access to what doors
  • Each individual only needs to carry one key, even when opening multiple doors
  • Master key unlocks all doors

Master key systems are ideal for clients with offices, government buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, warehouses, schools, banks, industrial facilities, and commercial venues. Any location that requires multiple levels of access, can benefit from our master key locksmith services.

A master key system makes it possible to control access within your property, and reduce the number of keys each individual must carry to just one. A master key system can be designed with multiple levels, to grant varying degrees of access to employees.

Each system has durable locks that can be keyed to work with individual keys and with the master key. Systems can also be designed with a grandmaster key that grants access to all areas of your building. This grants another level of access, and is useful in many circumstances, for example, if two companies are operating from one building; the owner of both companies can have a master key for their own offices, while security guards and building owners can hold a grandmaster key for all rooms.

At Mr. Locks, we have experience with leading manufacturers, such as Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Best, Kwikset, Medeco, Master Lock and other master key systems in the market.

Mr. Locks is a master key locksmith in New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. We have over a decade of experience designing master key systems for a range of clients. Our expertise allows us to create a system that is perfect and unique to you and your property, based on your needs. Our technicians will then install your master key system with minimum disruption to your property.

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